Cannibale (2)

Life Is Dead




At any rate, try to understand how Cannibale, from some living room in the Northern France town of L’Aigle, managed to perfect a sound somewhere between the Caribbeans, 1960s West Coast garage scene and Tropicalia’s Brazil. CANNIBALE got into “doing nothing” lately. And while doing so, they’ve put together their third album, Life is Dead. No doubt here: the influence, sound and hallmark are clearly Cannibale’s, once again leaving their instantaneous imprint. In our post-all era though, this Life is Dead could sound like post-Cannibale.

Simmered, gnawed to the bone; everything in that record feels more precise and simmered at length, Frustration’s singer Fabrice Gilbert happily guests on track Kings of the Attics. Welcomed as rookies in Born Bad’s laps for its tenth anniversary, Cannibale now sits – comfortably so – at the big table of the label’s leading bands. Authors of totally adulterated shows, the Normans are set, with their new tracks, to keep firing up stages around the continent. In the future, for sure, this Life is Dead will have its own chapter in their dedicated anthropo-ethno-socio-musicological study – a somewhat post-mortem moment, in the full flow of creation.

Label: Born Bad Records
Genre: Rock
Stil: Alternative Rock, Garage Rock
Artist: Cannibale (2)
Land: France
Jahr: 2021
Format: 1x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Album, LP


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 Life Is Dead
A2 Es El Amor
A3 Kings Of The Attic
A4 The Mouth Of Darkness
A5 The Hammer Hits
A6 Taste Me
B1 You Smashed A Cake On My Face
B2 I Don’t Want To Rot
B3 Savoring Your Flesh
B4 Beware The Bird
B5 Let Enter The Light
B6 Chasse A Contre