Cody Carpenter, Daniel Davies, John Carpenter

Halloween Ends (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)




Label: Sacred Bones Records
Genre: Stage & Screen
Stil: Score, Soundtrack
Artist: Cody Carpenter, Daniel Davies, John Carpenter
Land: USA & Canada
Jahr: 2023
Format: 1x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Album, LP


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 Where Is Jeremy?
A2 Halloween Ends (Main Title)
A3 Laurie’s Theme Ends
A4 The Cave
A5 Cool Kid
A6 Drags To The Cave
A7 Evil Eyes
A8 Transformation
A9 Because Of You
A10 Requiem For Jeremy
A11 Kill The Cop
A12 Corey And Michael
B13 Corey’s Requiem
B14 The Junk Yard
B15 Where Are You?
B16 Bye Bye Corey
B17 The Fight
B18 Before Her Eyes
B19 The Procession
B20 Cherry Blossoms
B21 Halloween Ends