Patrick Melrose (Original Television Soundtrack)




Label: Music On Vinyl
Genre: Classical, Pop, Stage & Screen
Artist: Hauschka
Land: Europe
Jahr: 2018
Format: 1x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Album, Limited Edition, LP, Numbered


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 David Melrose Them 1:18
A2 Running Through The Grapevine 1:14
A3 First Taxi Trip 2:58
A4 Morgue 2:03
A5 Quaaludes Hit 0:57
A6 Back At The Drake 1:03
A7 Martinis And Tartar 1:44
A8 Second Taxi Trip 0:38
A9 At Loretta’s 1:35
A10 Hotel Tripping 2:19
A11 Naked Delivery 0:37
A12 Running To Frank E. Macdonald’s 0:56
A13 Broadway Helicopter 1:14
A14 Come Talk To Your Dear Old Dad 2:37
A15 Rivers Of Blood 2:18
B1 David Melrose – Piano Virtuoso 1:29
B2 Careful With The China 1:17
B3 Arthritis Flashback 0:52
B4 Ferris Wheel 1:16
B5 Squashing Ants 2:00
B6 Mirror 1:27
B7 Falling Down Stairs 2:18
B8 Patrick In The Tunnel 0:42
B9 Dinner – Lurking – Stairway 1:54
B10 End Titles 0:44
B11 Party Preparations 0:47
B12 Lizard – Bathroom Flashback 2:01
B13 Catching Sonny 0:35
B14 Scorpion 0:54
B15 Don’t Go Picking Out The Wallpaper Just Yet 0:46
B16 Liquor Store Phone Call 1:16
B17 If You Can’t Change 1:13
B18 It’s Amitriptyline 0:41
B19 Patrick Returns To Onslow Club 1:13