X – No Absolutes



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Label: SPV, Steamhammer
Genre: Rock
Stil: Heavy Metal, Industrial, Thrash
Artist: Prong
Land: Europe
Jahr: 2016
Format: 1x CD, 2x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Album, LP


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 Ultimate Authority
A2 Sense Of Ease
A3 Without Words
B1 Cut And Dry
B2 No Absolutes
B3 Do Nothing
C1 Belief System
C2 Soul Sickness
C3 In Spite Of Hindrances
D1 Ice Runs Through My Veins
D2 Worth Pursuing
D3 With Dignity
CD-1 Ultimate Authority
CD-2 Sense Of Ease
CD-3 Without Words
CD-4 Cut And Dry
CD-5 No Absolutes
CD-6 Do Nothing
CD-7 Belief System
CD-8 Soul Sickness
CD-9 In Spite Of Hindrances
CD-10 Ice Runs Through My Veins
CD-11 Worth Pursuing
CD-12 With Dignity
CD-13 Universal Law