Heaviness, riffs, psychedelic, science-fiction… SLIFT’s progressive sound is a colorful and legendary journey to the edge of kraut and stoner rock. From the many shows performed across Europe – sharing the stage with Jon Spencer, DeWolff or Mars Red Sky – to the KEXP session (December 2019 during Les Trans Musicales), the French trio launched an outstanding astral adventure. SLIFT released their debut EP ‘Space Is The Key’ in June 2017 via Howlin Banana (France) and Exag’ Records (Belgium).

Inspired by Alain Damasio’s sci-fi novels and Pierre Ferrero’s illustration work, ‘Space Is The Key’ is a raucous wall of sound and energy. The five nervous tracks are loaded up with fuzz mayhem and maniac beats sharp enough to knock your head off spinning with their hypnotic riffs. In 2018, Toulouse-based outer space jammers released their first LP ‘La Planète Inexplorée’, helped by garage rock producer Lo’Spider (The Monsters, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Magnetix) and Jim Diamond (Fleshtones, Sonics, White Stripes) from the mighty Ghetto Recorders, Detroit.

The record is the result of many overnight improvised sessions, probably due to their obsession with the krautrock scene and the 70s free jazz albums. Made of sci-fi digressions, the lyrics are about creating space warps and waking up ice giants after a millennia sleeping on a distant planet.

Label: Vicious Circle (2)
Genre: Rock
Stil: Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Artist: Slift
Land: France
Jahr: 2020
Format: 2x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Album, LP


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 Ummon 5:45
A2 It’s Coming… 8:29
B1 Thousand Helmets Of Gold 4:52
B2 Citadel On A Satellite 10:07
B3 Hyperion 4:27
C1 Altitude Lake 6:04
C2 Sonar 5:05
C3 Dark Was Space, Cold Were The Stars 5:55
C4 Aurore Aux Confins 2:48
D1 Son Dông’s Cavern 5:15
D2 Lions, Tigers And Bears 13:19