The Waeve

The Waeve




Label: Transgressive Records
Genre: Pop, Rock
Stil: Indie Pop, Indie Rock
Artist: The Waeve
Land: Europe, Germany
Jahr: 2023
Format: 1x CD, 2x Vinyl
Schlagworte: EP, Limited Edition, LP


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 Can I Call You 4:23
A2 Kill Me Again 4:09
A3 Over And Over 6:13
B1 Sleepwalking 5:57
B2 Drowning 6:04
C1 Someone UpThere 2:41
C2 All Along 5:33
C3 Undine 7:47
D1 Alone And Free 4:48
D2 You’re All I Want To Know 6:04
CD-1 Standing Still
CD-2 Sure Feels Like Something
CD-3 On Your Knees, Baby
CD-4 Old Fashioned Morning