Van Dyke Parks

Super Chief: Music For The Silver Screen




Limited release for Record Store Day 2013. Includes CD version with 3 tracks not on LP

Label: Bella Union
Genre: Stage & Screen
Artist: Van Dyke Parks
Land: UK & US
Jahr: 2013
Format: 1x All Media, 1x CD, 1x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Album, Limited Edition, LP, Record Store Day


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 The Super Chief 3:22
A2 Go West Young Man 2:39
A3 To The Dining Car 1:34
A4 Bar Talk 1:55
A5 Joan Crawford 1:19
A6 Last Call 0:31
A7 Into The Gloaming 2:20
A8 The Crack Of Dawn 1:04
A9 Flat As The Platte 2:57
A10 Old Joe Clark 0:56
A11 The Water Is Wide 3:07
A12 I Ride An Old Paint 2:09
B1 Iron Horse 2:39
B2 Tee Pee Motel 1:45
B3 By Campground 1:57
B4 Forgotten Not Gone 2:20
B5 The Continental Divide 1:05
B6 Just Yonder 0:52
B7 Virgin Territory 1:29
B8 Spanish Kitchen 1:03
B9 Bolero Torero 1:16
B10 Road Runner & Rattler 0:58
B11 Crossing The Colorado 1:04
B12 A Date With Valentino 3:00
B13 Short Chat With Miss Crawford 1:04
B14 The Joshua Tree 2:48
B15 Chateau Marmont 1:06
CD-1 The Super Chief 3:24
CD-2 Go West Young Man 2:41
CD-3 To The Dining Car 1:36
CD-4 The Pleasure Dome 3:05
CD-5 Bar Talk 1:57
CD-6 Joan Crawford 1:21
CD-7 Last Call 0:33
CD-8 Into The Gloaming 2:22
CD-9 The Crack Of Dawn 1:06
CD-10 Flat As The Platte 2:59
CD-11 Old Joe Clark 0:58
CD-12 The Water Is Wide 3:09
CD-13 I Ride An Old Paint 2:11
CD-14 Iron Horse 2:39
CD-15 Tee Pee Motel 1:47
CD-16 By Campground 1:59
CD-17 Forgotten Not Gone 2:22
CD-18 The Continental Divide 1:07
CD-19 Just Yonder 0:54
CD-20 Virgin Territory 1:31
CD-21 A Spanish Kitchen 1:05
CD-22 Bolero Torero 1:18
CD-23 The Road Runner & Rattler 1:00
CD-24 Bed Of Stones 0:52
CD-25 So Long Santa Fe 0:47
CD-26 Crossing The Colorado 1:06
CD-27 A Date With Valentino 3:02
CD-28 A Short Chat With Miss Crawford 1:06
CD-29 The Joshua Tree 2:50
CD-30 Chateau Marmont 1:06