Angel Bat Dawid

Requiem For Jazz




Label: Intergalactic Mantra Recording Co., International Anthem Recording Company
Genre: Jazz
Stil: Avant-garde Jazz, Gospel
Artist: Angel Bat Dawid
Land: US, Worldwide
Jahr: 2023
Format: 2x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Album, Limited Edition, LP, Misprint


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 Jazz Is Merely The Negroes Cry Of Joy & Suffering
A2 Introit – Joy N’ Suff’rin
A3 Jazz Is The Musical Expression Of The Triumph Of The Negroes Spirit
A4 Kyrie Eleison – Lawd Hav’ Merci
A5 This Endless Repetition Is Like A Chain Around The Spirit. And Is A Reflection Of The Denial Of A Future To The Negro In The American Way Of Life
A6 Dias Ire – Chain Around The Spirit
A7 Another Restraining Factor In Jazz Are The Changes
A8 Tuba Mirum – The Changes
B9 The Negro Experiences The Endless Daily Humiliation Of American Life Which Bequeaths Him A Futureless Future
B10 Rex Tremendae – Futureless Future
B11 The Negro Transforms America’s Image Of Him Into A Transport Of Joy!
B12 Recordare – Recall The Joy
B13 Jazz Reflects The Improvised Life Thrust Upon The Negro
B14 Confutatis – Repression
B15 Through Spirituals, Through The Blues, Then Through Jazz We Made A Memory Of Our Past And A Promise Of All To Come
B16 Lacrimosa – Weeping Our Lady Of Sorrow
B17 Because Jazz Is The One Element In American Life Where Whites Must Be Humble To The Negro
C18 Offerturium – Hostias – Humility
C19 Only When Whites Have Paid The Price In Suffering To Be The Negroes Equal
C20 Sanctus – Holy, Holy, Holy
D21 The Jazz Body Is Dead But The Spirit Of Jazz Is Alive
D22 Agnus Dei – Jazz Is Dead!
Lux Aeterna – Eternal Light/My Rhapsody
D24 Long Tone For Rayna Golding (A Binti Zawadi Our Future)