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A holy grail of French classic new wave! Thierry Müller, who initiated the French RUTH project, is not at his first try when the album POLAROID/ROMAN/PHOTO including the eponymous title track is released in 1985, but already a known name in underground experimental/electronic music with ARCANE, ILITCH (albums “Periodmindtrouble”, “10 Suicides”) as well as the more punky RUTH M.ELLIYERI (cult track “Mescalito”).

Together with Philippe Doray, quite a big name of French experimental music at the times, Müller started RUTH. As early as 1982, a first instrumental version of the track Polaroïd/Roman/Photo is out under the name of the project RUTH. “I wanted to write a piece to make the girls dance and make fun of the boys. I plugged a small handmade clock on my Farfisa organ as a sequencer. I had a small Roland synth-guitar, I put the organ in it and that’s how it started.” Next came Frédérique Lapierre, who contributed original vocals on the track in 1984 as well as wrote lyrics and sung two more album tracks.

Label: Born Bad Records
Genre: Electronic
Stil: Experimental, Minimal, Synth-pop
Artist: Ruth
Land: France
Jahr: 2022
Format: 1x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Album, LP, Reissue


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 Thriller
A2 Polaroïd/Roman/Photo
A3 She Brings The Rain
A4 Misty Mouse
B1 Mabelle
B2 Mots
B3 Tu M’Ennuies