The Roots

Do You Want More?!!!??!




Label: Geffen Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Stil: Conscious
Artist: The Roots
Land: US
Jahr: 2021
Format: 3x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Deluxe Edition, LP, Remastered


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 Intro/There’s Something Going On
A2 Proceed
A3 Distortion To Static
A4 Mellow My Man
A5 I Remain Calm
B1 Datskat
B2 Lazy Afternoon
B3 ? Vs. Rahzel
B4 Do You Want More?!!!??!
C1 What Goes On Pt. 7
C2 Essaywhuman?!!!??!
C3 Swept Away
C4 You Ain’t Fly
D1 Silent Treatment
D2 The Lesson Part 1
D3 The Unlocking
E1 Proceed II (Feat. Roy Ayers)
E2 Proceed III (Feat. Bahamadia)
E3 Proceed IV (A.J. Shine Mix)
E4 Proceed V
E5 Silent Treatment (Kelo’s Remix)
F1 Silent Treatment (Beatminerz Remix)
F2 Silent Treatment (Black Thought’s 87 You And Yours Mix)
F3 Silent Treatment (Question’s Mix)
F4 Silent Treatment (Street Mix)