Matthew Friedberger

Cut It Out



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Label: Thrill Jockey
Genre: Rock
Stil: Art Rock
Artist: Matthew Friedberger
Land: US
Jahr: 2011
Format: 1x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Album, Limited Edition, LP


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 I’m So Happy I Could Scream, She Whispered 5:01
A2 Finding Love In A Highly Confidential, Custom Tailored And Focused Manner 4:48
A3 The So-Called Commission To Promote Vice And Combat Virtue 5:55
B1 Actress Or Prostitute, Or Actress/Prostitute, Blues 4:50
B2 Call, Click Or Come 4:47
B3 Cut It Out 4:30
B4 The Comforts Of The Coffin 3:34