The Wannadies

Before And After




Swedens prime indiepop/brittpop band who moved to the UK and almost made it “over there”. With cult status and 30 million streams of You and Me song their biggest hit they are certainly not forgotten. This is their Album from 2002 originally released by Cooking Vinyl and much sought after sold out vinyl.

Label: Startracks
Genre: Rock
Artist: The Wannadies
Land: Europe
Jahr: 2020
Format: 1x Vinyl
Schlagworte: 7", Album, Limited Edition, LP, Reissue, Stereo


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 Little By Little
A2 Nothing Wrong
A3 Piss On You
A4 Skin
A5 Uri Geller
A6 All Over Me
B1 Disko
B2 Singalong Son
B3 Come With Me (Till Things Get Better)
B4 Happy
B5 Can’t Stop You
B6 Love Letter
C1 Can’t Kill The Musikk
D1 My Home Town (Live Skellefteå 2002)