Label: Warner Music Central Europe
Genre: Pop, Rock
Artist: Beatsteaks
Land: Europe
Jahr: 2014
Format: 1x CD, 1x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Album, Deluxe Edition, LP


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 A Real Paradise
A2 D N A
A3 Be Smart And Breathe
A4 Make A Wish
A5 Everything Went Black
B6 Up On The Roof
B7 Pass The Message
B8 Gentlemen Of The Year
B9 Wicked Witch
B10 Creep Magnet
B11 I Never Was
1-1 A Real Paradise
1-2 DNA
1-3 Be Smart And Breathe
1-4 Make A Wish
1-5 Everything Went Black
1-6 Up On The Roof
1-7 Pass The Message
1-8 Gentleman Of The Year
1-9 Wicked Witch
1-10 Creep Magnet
1-11 I Never Was
2-1 A Real Paradise (Instrumental)
2-2 DNA (Instrumental)
2-3 Be Smart And Breathe (Instrumental)
2-4 Make A Wish (Instrumental)
2-5 Everything Went Black (Instrumental)
2-6 Up On The Roof (Instrumental)
2-7 Pass The Message (Instrumental)
2-8 Gentleman Of The Year (Instrumental)
2-9 Wicked Witch (Instrumental)
2-10 Creep Magnet (Instrumental)
2-11 I Never Was (Instrumental)
2-12 A Real Paradise (A Cappella)
2-13 DNA (A Cappella)
2-14 Be Smart And Breathe (A Cappella)
2-15 Make A Wish (A Cappella)
2-16 Everything Went Black (A Cappella)
2-17 Up On The Roof (A Cappella)
2-18 Pass The Message (A Cappella)
2-19 Gentleman Of The Year (A Cappella)
2-20 Wicked Witch (A Cappella)
2-21 Creep Magnet (A Cappella)
2-22 I Never Was (A Cappella)
3-1 Drum Soundcheck (Schaltraum Studio)
3-2 A Real Paradise (Bass/Schlagzeugprobe)
3-3 DNA (Demo)
3-4 Be Smart And Breathe (Proberaum Demo)
3-5 Make A Wish (Proberaum Demo)
3-6 Everything Went Black (Proberaum Demo)
3-7 Up On The Roof (Arnims Küchen Demo)
3-8 Pass The Message (Proberaum Demo)
3-9 Gentleman Of The Year (Arnims Handy Demo)
3-10 Creep Magnet (Proberaum Demo)
3-11 I Never Was (Peters Home Demo)