The Smashing Pumpkins

ATUM (A Rock Opera In Three Acts)




Label: Martha's Music, Thirty Tigers
Genre: Rock
Stil: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins
Land: Worldwide
Jahr: 2023
Format: 4x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Album, Limited Edition, LP


Pos. Track Dauer
Act I
A1 Atum 3:32
A2 Butterfly Suite 3:28
A3 The Good In Goodbye 4:40
A4 Embracer 3:39
A5 With Ado I Do 2:52
A6 Hooligan 3:05
B7 Steps In Time 3:49
B8 Where Rain Must Fall 4:15
B9 Beyond The Vale 3:42
B10 Hooray! 3:43
B11 The Gold Mask 3:36
Act II
C12 Avalanche 5:42
C13 Empires 3:10
C14 Neophyte 4:16
C15 Moss 2:59
C16 Night Waves 2:53
C17 Space Age 3:12
D18 Every Morning 6:10
D19 To The Grays 3:12
D20 Beguiled 3:58
D21 The Culling 4:30
D22 Springtimes 4:01
E23 Sojourner 7:41
E24 That Which Animates The Spirit 3:56
E25 The Canary Trainer 3:58
F26 Pacer 5:25
F27 In Lieu Of Failure 3:27
F28 Cenotaph 3:04
F29 Harmageddon 4:21
G30 Fireflies 3:26
G31 Intergalactic 8:58
G32 Spellbinding 4:07
G33 Of Wings 5:28
Audio Story
H34 Act 1 Of Atum