Peer 2 Peer




Fenster’s Lucas Ufo, who records as WORLD BRAIN, is preoccupied with the aethers that surrounds us – he lists among his inspirations for Peer 2 Peer, sitting at the windows and “watching WiFi enter the room.” Perhaps this is the core of the utopian imagination – staring intently at those parts of the world which we cannot see but which we know must be shaping the rest. As the album’s title suggests, this Pop Utopianism is often concerned with the romantic potentials of digital technology, and its central image, the network – while the music often invokes the studios of the 1980s, the themes are more suggestive of the Web-positivity of the 90s and early 00s.

Both sweet and silly, wistful and whimsical, Peer 2 Peer is always affirmative. Where others might mine the past as a cheap source of irony or nostalgia, WORLD BRAIN has a made a clearing equidistant between then and now, a no-place in which to build a Pop Utopia in miniature.

Label: Mansions and Millions
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Stil: Indie Pop, Synth-pop
Land: Germany
Jahr: 2019
Format: 1x Vinyl
Schlagworte: Album, LP, Stereo


Pos. Track Dauer
A1 The Pangean Anthem 2:41
A2 Hypertext 3:26
A3 Network 3:18
A4 Made U Cry 4:26
A5 Everybody Dies 3:48
B1 It’s All True 2:24
B2 Bubble Tea 3:35
B3 <3beat 3:34
B4 Besides, 3:15
B5 L’espace 4:24